Mes naudojame slapukus siekiant individualizuoti jūsų naršymo patirtį ir jums rodomą turinį bei pateikti pasiūlymus, kurie būtų aktualūs būtent Jums. Parduotuvė naudoja tiek būtinuosius (svetainės veikimą užtikrinančius ar naudojimąsi ja palengvinančius) slapukus, tokius kaip filtravimo nustatymų ar prisijungimo prisiminimo, tiek ir analitinius slapukus. Mes nenaudosime ir jokiai trečiajai šaliai neleisime naudoti statistinės analizės duomenų tam, kad atsektų ar rinktų bet kokią informaciją, leidžiančią nustatyti šios svetainės lankytojų tapatybę. Paspaudę „sutinku“ arba toliau tęsdami naršymą svetainėje Jūs sutinkate su slapukų įdiegimu ir naudojimu. Savo sutikimą galėsite atšaukti bet kuriuo metu, pakeisdami savo interneto naršyklės nustatymus ir ištrindami įrašytus slapukus. Daugiau informacijos – slapukų politikoje

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Safety shoes BNN STINGER S3 ESD

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Safety shoes BNN STINGER S3 ESD | Z83102

Ultralight S3 low cut shoes with modern design for inside and outside spaces and EPA workplaces. Stinger is equipped with:

TPU ankle protector and rubber toe cap protector. For better breathability, the hydrophobic mash is used. Comfort polishing in Achilles heel area and under ankle area.  TPU  + Hydrophobic mesh

Mesh type is a woven fabric, consisting of several layers whose mechanical and hygienic properties meet the requirements of the corresponding standards. Yellow colour synthetic material, microfiber heel pad. MESH Sandwich.

SAFETY TOE CAP                                      
NANO toe cap with carbon fibres.
Thanks to the new innovative material from carbons fibres the toe cap is very light. The weight of the body is evenly distributed across the shoe, which eliminates muscle fatigue.

Antibacterial, anatomically-shaped insole suitable for heavy-duty work use and active leisure time. The thick layer of microporous polyurethane absorbs sweat and maintains a pleasant microclimate inside the shoe, as well as absorbs shocks during long wear. Easy to wash and it is very comfortable. BNN SUPREMA GELThe thick layer of gel in the heel area maintains a comfort as well as absorbs shocks during long wear.

Light and flexible plate, provides flexibility and penetration resistance. Pierce-resistant "no -metal" midsole, in comparison to the classical steel midsole is lighter, more flexible and safe since it can be directly stitched to the upper, therefore protecting the entire sole area.

Soft P.U comfort inner layer.

Antislip, antistatic and hard wearing RUBBER. Resistance to grease, slip and antistatic. Thick and durable outsole provides isolation from the cold ground. Lightweight, flexible & resistant to deformation. CORN EVA/rubber

Stinger is suitable for EPA spaces, and provides a protection against electrostatic discharge.

ATOP system
Atop is a locking system which ensures fast and firm lock of the shoe.

Extra generous. For users with extra wide forefeet. 

40-47 (special order 36-48)

EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC

BENNON and ADAMANT  - Footwear with brain and heart - the slogan is there to express that we invest the maximum of our shoemaking sense and feeling into the development of our models.
Our mission is to provide our customers with work and safety footwear as well as free time footwear manufactured by using modern materials and technologies which ensure essential protection and wearing comfort for the users and which also respect their price requirements. 

 Z-Style CZ a.s. Czech Republic

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