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Ultralight low shoe Bennon Meadow Low

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Ultralight low shoe Bennon Meadow Low | 0739030460

Ultralight, breathable, very comfortable semi-boots with a wider sole, which provides very good stability when walking and has an anti-slip SRA property, thus ensuring greater safety for the user.
The high-quality lightweight sole with innovative eCorn technology has a 60% higher cushioning effect during movement and prolonged standing than other commonly used technologies. It cushions the impact on the heel bone, thus sparing the foot and leg muscles. The legs and feet are therefore less painful at the end of the working day.
In addition, there is an extra TPU component on the outside of the sole, which prevents excessive curvature (supination) of the foot, thus helping to better keep the foot in the correct position. It also contributes to better balance and optimizes the reflection of the foot from the surface.
A great advantage of this shoe, which makes it more comfortable for the user, is the very good breathability of the upper made of MESH 3D knit fabric. Air can enter and exit the shoe, allowing the skin on the feet to breathe better and keeping them fresher for longer.
Moreover, the upper responds to the shape of the foot and adapts to its shape, it does not press or pull anywhere.
Another advantage of the material is that it is washable if it gets dirty, washable at 30°C (without the use of chemicals), and dries quickly.
The pleasant fresh feeling when wearing is further intensified by the Carbona insole, which contains activated charcoal that has antibacterial effects and absorbs odor.
Overall, these shoes are suitable when people are "on their feet" for long periods of time and need to have lightweight, breathable comfortable shoes for all-day wear. This means that they are appreciated by doctors and nurses, laboratory workers, pharmacists, logistics carriers, mail carriers, hospitality attendants, conductors, etc.

Revolutionary MESH air tunnel textile lining for utmost breathability. Special microcells have great absorbance and deabsorbance features. MESH lining is a type of woven fabric, consisting of several layers whose mechanical and hygienic properties meet the requirements of the corresponding standards.

Polysoft, Anatomic insole made from soft and light EVA material, with open pockets in the area of the foot support.

Waper PU 

Natural Confort 11 Mondopoint developed from detailed analysis of the foot based upon its maximum efforts and strengths. Ensures stress-free fitting and natural comfort throughout the day.

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EN ISO 20347:2012 OB SRA

BENNON and ADAMANT  - Footwear with brain and heart - the slogan is there to express that we invest the maximum of our shoemaking sense and feeling into the development of our models.
Our mission is to provide our customers with work and safety footwear as well as free-time footwear manufactured by using modern materials and technologies which ensure essential protection and wearing comfort for the users and also respect their price requirements.  Z-Style CZ a.s. Czech Republic
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